TWO ISO 1C UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CONTAINERS are fully suitable for the Armed Forces to provide fundamental medical care in the field (for example in MTAs, peace-keeping missions, natural disaster operations, etc.).

1. THE MEDICAL EXAMINATION CONTAINER- TYPE 5431 is fully available for examination and tending of patients. The interior of the container is partitioned into two separate rooms. The smaller front room is THE WAITING ROOM FOR PATIENTS with two benches for 6 - 8 people. The bigger back room is the CONSULTING ROOM. The right side of the room is equipped with doctor's table and chair, patient's chair and an examination couch. On the left side there are a refrigerator, medical cases set for holding the medical material, tools, medicaments etc.

The entrance into the container is through a single wing door with one built-in pop-up window, equipped with, an out side protective foil and a mosquito protective net.The room is equipped with fluorescent lights, air-conditioning, and heating. It is also provided with water distribution system and a sink.

2. The Ward Container - type 5432 is fully available to accommodate patients. The entrance into the container is through a single wing door with one built-in window equipped with inside blinds. The interior of the container is partitioned into four separated parts. In the middle there is a hallway, and a chemical toilet with a wash basin. On the left and right sides are bedrooms 
for four bed-confined patients. Both bedrooms are equipped with an open-up window with a jalousie, an outside protective foil and a mosquito protective net. The interior of the container is equipped with lightning, heating and air conditioning.

The container meets the decree of the Ministry of Transport No. 301/2001 Coll. and is classified as special exchangeable superstructure. The Ministry of Transport issued technical compliance certificate No. N-1285.

Containers can withstand forces generated during road, railroad, waterway transport according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 and can be operated on roads according to decree No. 301/2001 Coll. as a 'special exchangeable superstructure'. On railway, they are transported as special containers at a 'special cargo' tariff. During waterway transportation they are transported as a piece cargo. Their design is based on the approved container ISO 1 C according to ČSN ISO 1496-1 that allows for handling on TATRA T815 26OR 81 36 255 - 8x8.2 with the Multilift MK-IV hook lift with an adapter as well as for handling on VOLVO FL 12-8 x 4 with the handling system KM 24 E - 293/S KLAUS Container side mover on TATRA T815 26OR 8136 255 equipped with the transport platform FLATRACK 20 "M" on a side forklifts.

The inside area and roof room of container are made of isolating sandwich panels (thickness of 40 mm) of polyurethane foam ELASTOPOR SH 226/003. The panels are aluminium coated; the thickness of Al-plate is 0.8 mm.

The container floor is made of 50 mm-thick isothermal slabs with non slippery finish (ALTRO VM 20).


The producer allows to stack up to 4 fully loaded containers on each other. The container must be safely secured according to ČSN ISO 3874.


Manufacturer ensures all repairs under guarantee, repairs, container inspections and container´s electrical installation inspections.